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Are you fed up of committing to diets and never seeing the changes you want to see? Maybe you’re broken by the hopes that are always dashed, the dreams you’re constantly chasing, and the transformation that seems like it always belongs to somebody else. The recurring effort of excitedly making promises, only to feel like you’re failing, over and over again.

I see you.

That was me.

Rachel SV Williams
HCI-certified Health & Life Coach

Three years ago, I was at my highest weight and my lowest emotional ebb. I’d spent the previous 20 years of my life yo-yo dieting. Going from one slimming group to another, trying every diet under the sun. Cabbage soup, low carb, no sugar, The Atkins… you name it, I’d tried it. Some even worked. For a time. But without fail, six months down the line I’d have put all the weight back on. Plus a bit more. I was exhausted. I was sad. And I still couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror.

My turning point came when I caught myself grimacing at the thought of having a picture taken with my children. My gorgeous children, who I adore, and I was willing to let the thoughts I had about myself determine the memories of them I was willing to capture. It was heartbreaking.

Right there and then, I made a promise to myself: to stop letting the relationship I had with food rule my life, and to start focussing on the relationships that really mattered.

Three years later, 7 stone lighter (and keeping it off), and I am happy, certified Health & Life Coach helping others like me towards an entirely new relationship with food and their bodies.

Using my own experiences, I have developed a 12-week programme aimed at supporting you to make the changes you want to see in your life. There is also a cleanse to help people re-align themselves.






Let’s work together to create a vision for where you want to be and a plan for making it a reality

With my guidance, we'll uncover where you’ve been getting stuck and start to move past the things that have been holding you back. Authentic, experience-led coaching, empowering and supporting you towards real and sustainable change.

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