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Eat for Your Body’s Biology Programme


A transformative and personalised journey where together we discover, understand and build an eating plan to cater to your body's unique biology.

Unlocking Your Body's Potential

In today’s world, we find ourselves bombarded with an avalanche of nutritional and wellness advice, often stemming from influencers and various sources. Amidst this sea of information, it’s no wonder many of us feel lost and overwhelmed by the multitude of wellness regimes and diets vying for our attention.

But what if, instead of succumbing to the noise, we paused to listen to what our bodies truly need?

Why Eat for the Biology of Your Body?

Imagine waking up each day feeling energised, embodying the best version of yourself, and navigating through life with a heightened sense of overall wellness and mood. Picture being in control of your weight management and optimising your health to operate with clarity consistently.

These are just a few of the transformative benefits awaiting you when you choose to eat for the biology of your body.

What You'll Experience on the Programme:

I’ll guide you on a journey towards understanding and honouring your body’s unique biology, through two personalised 45-minute coaching sessions and a 4-day Energy Experiment designed to identify precisely what your body craves. Together, we’ll review your findings and craft a tailored plan of action, empowering you to make informed dietary choices aligned with your biology going forward.

  • In the first coaching session, we will discuss and review your current eating habits, and I will provide you with detailed instructions for the four-day energy experiment.
  • After that, you will independently complete the four days of the Energy Experiment.
  • In the second coaching session, we will review your experience during the four days and collaborate on creating a personalised plan of action for you going forward.

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A Journey to Self-Discovery and Empowerment Through Weight Loss

with Suzanne H

Suzanne found a guiding light that reshaped her physique and transformed her perception of self.


Frustrated by the constant cycle of previous attempts, Suzanne sought assistance from the Total Body Transformation Programme with Rachel SV Williams Coaching, who not only understood her struggles but had successfully navigated similar challenges.

“I have tried so many different plans to lose weight in the past and my journey felt like a ring road that I couldn’t get off, continually going round in circles and not making any progress”

Background – Having tried various weight loss plans in the past, feeling trapped in an endless cycle with no exits and determined to break free from this pattern, she sought support from Rachel who could provide a personalised approach tailored to her unique needs.

The Change – The turning point in Suzanne’s journey came when she found a supportive figure in Rachel who had experienced a similar journey and successfully overcome the challenges. Rachel’s unique coaching equipped Suzanne with tools and a personalised roadmap, breaking the cycle and providing a clear path forward.

Guidance and Support – The guidance and support Suzanne received were pivotal in breaking the cycle. Instead of following a generic plan, Suzanne learned to navigate her weight loss journey with a deeper understanding of her body and mind. Rachel’s ongoing support empowered Suzanne to listen to her body’s cues, fostering a profound connection with herself.

Empowerment and Self-Discovery – The journey extended beyond shedding pounds to encompass empowerment and self-discovery. Through Rachel’s personalised coaching on The Body Transformation Programme, Suzanne learned to cultivate self-love and confidence. This shift in mindset played a crucial role in her success, dismantling emotional barriers that had hindered progress in the past.

Results – The holistic approach yielded transformative results. Physically, Suzanne experienced weight loss, heightened energy levels, and improved overall health. Mentally and emotionally, she underwent a significant transformation, embracing self-love and newfound confidence. Within 12 weeks she had broken free from the metaphorical ring road and discovered a path leading to sustainable and fulfilling change.

“You have given me the tools that I need to navigate this journey, guiding, supporting and empowering me as I have learned to listen to my body and mind. For the first time ever, I no longer feel stuck on that ring road. You have shown me how to love and believe in myself and for that I will be eternally grateful”

Suzanne H.


I was doubtful at first, but Rachel helped me to realise where this self doubt was coming from, and how to manage it, now I’m completely transformed in all areas of my life. I'm transformed!


Just want to say thank you so much for everything. I am so glad that I found you. You have enriched my life in so many ways. You are such a special person and I am so so grateful to have you in my life.


I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for coming in to my life. I adore our weekly meet ups and I feel like you have become more than lifecoach - you feel more a friend to me. You have totally changed my life and my views on everything.


Thanks again for a great session. Please accept my acknowledgement of thanks of how much my life has changed for the better in 11wks.


In a world inundated with conflicting advice and wellness trends, finding clarity amidst the chaos can feel like an impossible task.

However, by embarking on the Eat for Your Body’s Biology programme, you’re not just navigating through the noise – you’re unlocking the potential for a truly transformative journey towards optimal health and well-being. Through personalised coaching sessions and a hands-on Energy Experiment, you’ll gain a deep understanding of your body’s unique needs and how to nourish it accordingly. Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm, and hello to a renewed sense of vitality and control. It’s time to listen to your body and embark on a path towards a healthier, happier you.

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